About Me

I’ve always had a general interest in nutrition especially when I was much younger as I spent some time as an amateur boxer and did a bit weight-training too – although you wouldn’t think it if you looked at me now!! That said, I’ve always tried to stay in relatively good shape and have used general vitamin and mineral supplements for years.

My partner has a condition called Hip Dysplasia and at the age of 34 has had both of her hips replaced. For years now, she has had to take a well-known calcium supplement and was experiencing some side-effects so I did some research around this and discovered lots of things we didn’t know (or want to know) but it appeared that the main issue was that supplements such as these are basically made from rocks and the body simply can’t absorb them effectively. In other words, our bodies just aren’t designed to obtain our nutrition from rocks!

During the course of this research, I stumbled across Simply Naturals, having already read a lot about the benefits of  natural minerals derived from plants. We both started using the Sizzling Minerals and I decided to become a distributor to ‘spread the word’ about plant based natural minerals.

Our dog, Harvey, in the picture is also now using Pet Life Complete to ensure he gets his full spectrum of nutrition.

 About the company – Simply Naturals

The Simply Naturals management team has an extremely strong business background with decades of experience between them. Their experience includes start-ups, product development, International sales and marketing, public speaking and systems integration. Each member has been carefully selected for their role in the company and all have an overwhelming passion for health and nutrition. This combination of talent and unique synergy practically guarantees that Simply Naturals will be a huge worldwide success..

Mission Statement

The Simply Naturals Management team have committed to embark on a passionate mission to educate the world about the significance of plant derived minerals for optimum health, well-being and the prevention of disease and illness. Their aim is to be the world leader in cutting edge nutrition by providing unique products which contain their branded “Natures 75” plant derived minerals.


Explanatory Videos

The Simply Naturals Minerals Video

The Simply Naturals Business Opportunity Video


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