Pure Krill Oil

Simply Naturals Pure Krill Oil is obtained from the crystal clear waters of the Antarctic Ocean and is pure, clean and free from contaminants.

It is also eco-friendly and sustainably harvested.

Scientific evidence has repeatedly demonstrated that antioxidants are a cornerstone for promoting heart health and immune system support. The Simply Naturals Pure Krill Oil contains essential fatty acids (EFAs) including both fast absorbing Omega-3 fats (high in the vital compounds EPA and DHA) and Omega-6 fats. EFAs can not be produced in your body but are vital to normal health and metabolism.


Pure Krill Oil Overview

  • Your essential fatty acids
  • Healthy bones and increased joint comfort
  • Fights the signs of ageing
  • Concentration and memory
  • Blood sugar health
  • Healthy brain and nervous system function
  • Anti-inflammatory protection for cell membranes
  • Cholesterol and other blood lipid health
  • Healthy liver function
  • Strengthening your immune system
  • Optimal skin health

Directions For Use  

Simply Naturals Pure Krill Oil comes in a pack of 60 500mg soft gel capsules and is recommended to take 1-2 per day. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18.