Proper Nutrition Is Key

As all professional sportsmen & women know, proper nutrition is the most important element when considering how to get the best performance from the human body and to be able to extract every last ounce of power, energy and stamina, the quality of diet is crucial.

Minerals Are The Building Blocks Of Good Health

Every nutritionist & dietician will tell you that today a standard diet does not provide enough nutrients to sustain anyone serious about health and fitness and most recommend supplementation, on top of a full organic diet. Minerals and vitamins are the building blocks of good health and peak performance, supplements have been around for years but 100% plant derived natural minerals, as opposed to the metallic minerals you find in most high street products, have not been available until now.

Reduced Recovery Times

We have some very serious professional footballers, cyclists, power lifters and other athletes taking our minerals daily and there are three resounding experience testimonials from most of them, lactic acid burn gone or certainly less, they all said they could work harder for longer and recovery times are greatly reduced.

Here are a few articles I have found and testimonials too.

US National Library of Medicine

Daily Burn

Plant Minerals News


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Minerals and their effect on Athletic Performance

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