Our Mineral Powder

Only pure mineral powder is used in our products; nothing is added or taken away.  The relationship (balance) of the natural minerals to one another is as nature provided.

We believe we should not tamper with it’s natural purity and so we don’t!


How Is Our Mineral Powder Extracted?

We specifically source our plant minerals from a prehistoric deposit of vegetation as opposed to the kelps and weeds which grow in our oceans.  The reason being is that in today’s environment the oceans and seas are dumping grounds for much of the worlds waste and even the atmosphere delivers airborne pollutants and toxins which in turn enter these waters.

Our vegetate (mineral deposit) sits under a 5m (approx.) sandstone cap high in the Utah mountains.  Even though the air is relatively clean, the sandstone cap still provides excellent protection from any airborne pollutants that may be present.  The deposit is made up of the vegetation, plants, trees etc. that would have been present on the planet during the prehistoric (dinosaur) era.

Had extreme heat and/or pressure been applied to our vegetate deposit it would turn into coal; we mine by only taking what we require to provide for a 3 month ‘leaching’ process.  The ‘vegetate’ would be placed in large tanks ready for extracting the minerals.

This process uses pure water only, (reverse osmosis) which is kept at a specific temperature and gentle current is applied which aids to the water-soluble minerals ‘leaching’ into the water.  We ‘tap off’ this solution from the tank at approx. one third up from the bottom this avoids collecting sediment which can all too easy block our filters.  The liquid is then put through an extremely fine filtering system which removes everything except for the plant derived (water soluble) minerals and of course, the water.

When use a special low temperature drying technique which ‘evaporates’ the water and we are left with the mineral powder.  Nothing is added or taken away from this powder, and its from this point that we can use it in our products.

The Mineral powder is subject to stringent bacterial testing including:

Yeast & mould
E. Coli
Coag. Pos. Staph. (staphylococcus)

Testing for humidity is also quite key when working with the mineral powder.