Combat Fatigue For Flight Safety

“Just a note to say I am using the minerals.

As you know I work unusual hours, crossing various time zones so fatigue is part of my life! I take the minerals with me and put one in my bottle of water on long flights. I have one when I wake after night flights. They are definitely helping me feel more alert which is imperative as a safety issue with my job. Also when I am on holiday I have also
tried them after the occasional hangover…much healthier than a fry up!

As a product I love the fact that there is no sediment left in the glass after consuming, this is unlike any other soluble minerals I have used. The tablets are easy to keep with me whilst flying.

One more thing, the cabin crew girls also enjoy sizzling minerals and are always commenting about how their nails grow and look much better. This is in addition to the other benefits.

Cheers see you on a flight sometime!”

Steve, Pilot
British Airways

Increased Vitality

I have always been interested in health and fitness.

I first came across Simply Naturals as a customer.

I really liked the product and found that it completely lived up to its claims. With a growing family and busy careers, both my husband and I tend to live life full‐on.

The Simply Naturals product benefitted us by boosting our vitality and keeping us well.

Lisa Alexander