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This is my first post on my newly created website mynaturalminerals.com

My name is Paul, I am 47 years old and I live with my partner Xandra and our dog, Harvey..

I’ve always had a general interest in nutrition especially when I was much younger as I spent some time as an amateur boxer and did a bit weight-training too – although you wouldn’t think it if you looked at me now!! That said, I’ve always tried to stay in relatively good shape and have used general vitamin and mineral supplements for years.

My partner has a condition called Hip Dysplasia and at the age of 34 has had both of her hips replaced. For years now, she has had to take a well-known calcium supplement and was experiencing some side-effects so I did some research around this and discovered lots of things we didn’t know (or want to know) but it appeared that the main issue was that supplements such as these are basically made from rocks and the body simply can’t absorb them effectively. In other words, our bodies aren’t designed to get our nutrition from rocks!

Vitamins And Minerals

Everyone talks about vitamins and how important they are, and of course this is true, but that fact is that minerals are even more important and if you aren’t consuming the full spectrum of minerals that your body requires, it means that you can’t make best use of the vitamins and other nutrients. This was summed up nicely by Dr Gary Price-Todd when he said:

“Vitamins are basically useless in absence of minerals” 

You would therefore think that we should be able to get all of the minerals we need from a healthy diet, eating the recommended 5-a-day of fruit and veg?

Nope, turns out that’s not the case!

Even eating a balanced 5-a-day organic diet would only give you around 15 plant derived natural minerals which is nowhere near enough. This due to soil mineral depletion which you can read about on my home page here.

It transpires that the best way for us to ensure we get our full spectrum of minerals is to use supplements that contain natural minerals derived from plants as our bodies are able to absorb these completely without any nasty side effects.

Simply Naturals

It was during the course of this research, that I stumbled across Simply Naturals, having already read a lot about the benefits of  natural minerals derived from plants. We both started using the Sizzling Minerals which have a spectrum of around 75 plant derived natural minerals and both started feeling the benefits of this. Based on this, I decided to become a distributor to ‘spread the word’ about plant based natural minerals. Our dog Harvey is now also using the Pet Life Complete which also contains the full 75 minerals as well as other good stuff!

Anyhow, my plan for this blog is to try and spread the word about plant derived natural minerals and to try and educate people with regards to their benefits as opposed to the traditional stuff we’re being led to believe with regards to our food today and the supplements you see on the high street and advertised on TV.

I’m not a salesperson, all I know is that I found that something being prescribed to my partner was actually causing her harm and that further research has led me to find something that both of us have been able to benefit from and so I’d like other people (and pets) to benefit from it too!



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