Pet Life Complete

Pet Life Complete Joint, Coat and Health Care for Cats & Dogs.

100% Natural High Potency broad spectrum formula designed for maintaining maximum health and preventative nutrition for cats and dogs. Supports joints, cellular function and the immune system.

Contains Simply Naturals World Renowned Prehistoric Plant Derived Natural Minerals.

Pet Life Complete gives your furry friend all the essential nutrients and minerals that are missing from modern day pet food. Add a little ‘Pet Life Complete’ to their daily diet and see how quickly your beloved pet becomes the happy soul they are meant to be.

Active Ingredients

In combination with our unique Plant Derived Natural Minerals which are essential for optimum biological cell health, we have also included the following actives to further support healthy joints in cats and dogs:

Chondroitin: A source of an important component for specific cartilage cells that absorb water and provide cushioning and lubrication within joints.

Collagen: A specific protein produced by the body and used to form the fabric and strength of all connective tissues like cartilage, tendons and ligaments.

Curcumin: Sourced from Turmeric is a natural and powerful antioxidant that mops up harmful free radicals in joints.

Glucosamine: A fundamental building block of cartilage and is found in high concentrations in all types of connective tissue.

Omega 3: From hemp oil is ideal because they contain the full combination of special fats that enable animals to maintain anti-inflammatory support and general health.

Vitamin C: A water soluble antioxidant, is essential for collagen production, regenerating the antioxidant properties of vitamin E and is particularly effective in a water based environment like synovial fluid.


Pet Life Complete Overview

This is our dog, Harvey. He uses Pet Life Complete.
  • Balances nutrition deficiency
  • Maintains flexibility of movement
  • Helps natural anti-inflammatory action of metabolism
  • Contains our plant derived natural minerals and 6 neutraceuticals
  • High absorption of essential, vitamins and trace elements
  • Wheat gluten free, soya free, Non-GM Formulation
  • Easy Feed System (EFS)TM using digestible pellets
  • Simply add to your pet’s normal feed

Directions For Use

  • Simply mix with your pets normal feed.
  • Pet Life Complete can be fed to all Cats and Dogs, regardless of age, size or level of exercise.
  • For continued support, feed Pet Life Complete on a daily basis.

Dosage by size guide (Measure Scoop included)

Cat – 1/4 Scoop per day
Small dog up to 15kgs – 1/2 Scoop per day
Medium – Large Dog 15kgs to 30kgs – 1 level Scoop per day
Large Dog Over 30kgs – 2 level Scoops per day