Powdered Minerals

Simply Naturals Powdered Minerals are the dried natural mineral solids of our plant minerals naturally extracted with contaminant free, pure water from a prehistoric plant deposit.

A low-temperature drying process enables the user to experience the same benefits from the powder as from our unique Sizzling Minerals and our natural minerals capsules so it contains the same essential 75 100% prehistoric plant derived natural minerals.

Our plant derived natural minerals are one of the purest and most natural foods on Earth and should not be confused with metallic minerals which come from ancient sea beds, clay, ground up rock and soil(s) which have limited or no bio-availability.

Powdered Minerals Overview

  • Vegan & Vegetarian 
  • The container has a “salt shaker” type lid and contains 38g of powdered minerals
  • Can be mixed in with liquids, food or even soil to boost your crops!
  • 75 100% natural prehistoric plant derived minerals – no carbohydrates, fats or additives and safe for all of the family
  • Naturally extracted with contaminant free, pure water from a prehistoric plant deposit
  • Essential for vitamins to function
  • Fully bio-available and easily absorbed into the body
  • Does not contain any large molecule metallic minerals

Directions For Use

They dispense from a salt shaker type bottle and can be used in a whole variety of ways from sprinkling on foods (even while cooking) or adding to drinks. They can also be added to soups, vegetables and virtually all other foods. This method of use allows the entire family to experience the benefits of our pure plant derived natural minerals.